Payment & Debit Order Collections

Simple collections

*Export your collection file from your system to our web-based system or capture each consumer manually

*Once collection transactions are uploaded or captured, you choose to process them manually or automatically via our system

*Download static reports or create your own

*Same day, One day and Two day services are available

*DebiCheck verification


Range of services that aim to significantly reduce transaction costs, speed up transaction processing times, and provide fast and accurate reporting.

Electronic Collection Services

Electronic collections of funds via debit-order and Non-Authenticated Early Debit-Order (NAEDO) systems


DebiCheck enables customers to check and electronically approve any pending debit order collections initiated by your company or organisation.

Web Payments

A must for any business who sells, or intends to sell their products online. If you plan to expand your client base and increase sales with unlimited “shelf space” then you would also need a solid and secure web payment solution.

Account Holder Verification

Account Holder Verification service confirms ownership of a bank account to prevent identity theft and other types of fraud.