Boulderson and Associates is a Durban based debt collection company. We collect overdue funds on behalf of our clients who are mainly medical specialists, large and small businesses as well as schools.

The bulk of Boulderson’s client base consist of medical practitioners, hospitals, clinics, and various educational institutions. At Boulderson we are dedicated to our client’s well-being thus our soft collections process and administrative guidelines help improve our client’s cash-flow management and additionally minimise infrastructure cost through our unique and specialised product offerings.

With the addition of an in house legal department we are able to identify the needs of our clients on all fronts. Our Legal department specialises but is not limited to contractual agreements, summons to judgment to warrant of execution or emolument attachment order processes for clients. Rescission of judgment, admin orders and debt counselling for our debtors.

Boulderson is registered with the Council for Debt Collectors, ensuring a regulated and impartial approach to collecting outstanding debt. At Boulderson we also recognise a fair amount of the debt we collect is derived from medical aid shortfalls. We understand that the ever changing claims criteria of medical aid providers can be difficult to understand and that the debtor is often not at fault. The fault lies rather in their limited understanding of the complexities of South Africa’s Medical Scheme industry.

Due to this we often educate our debtors to ensure that the plan they are on meets their needs. Doing this creates a safeguard for any future claims that may arise, which helps the debtor stay out of any similar situation. This help also extends to over-indebted individuals who need debt restructuring, we are able to negotiate with creditor providers and attorneys to restructure past debts cost effectively and in effect give them a clean credit slate. This ensures that the relationship between our client and the debtor is maintained, resulting in a win-win scenario for both debtor and client.